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Is actually a Ghillie Suit Best For You?

Is actually a Ghillie Suit Best For You?

A ghillie suit is a form of camouflage used by hunters, snipers, and recently by paintball players, to assist them blend within their surroundings in a wooded area. Ghille suits are already used by the military for approximately the last century, and have recently been adopted by serious paintballers to assist aid their game.

When we think about "camouflage" uniforms believe that with the shirt and pant combo that has differing shades of green, brown, and tan. Ghillie suits take this concept much farther, making the wearer look almost like a tree or bush himself! They're produced from burlap or twine that come with a poncho or some other type of clothing that is the base of the suit. You'll find commercially made suits and in addition handmade suits available, together with the latter taking between weeks to months to generate because of the intricacies in the suit.

Ghillie suits offer many perks towards the wearer, but in addition there are some disadvantages to be considered prior to the choice to wear one. The principle advantage is:

Near perfect camouflage - Should you be paintballing or hunting while wearing this sort of camo, as long as you're sitting motionless and waiting, you are almost guaranteed to not be seen because of your enemy.

However, the disadvantages include:

Heat - Ghillie suits can get extremely hot inside, even just in cooler climates. It isn't really unheard of for that temperature inside suit to arrive at over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weight - They may be very heavy, so if you're considering seen a paintball field it is probably not the best option (although should you be just waiting and sniping this is a bit of a non-issue).

Maintenance - This can construction, they are usually impossible to clean simply because they will falter. However, as they get dirty as time passes they have a tendency to do better as dirt, mud, and other elements is likely to make the suit look even more natural. For your hunter this is not much of an issue, however for someone who uses it for paintballing it will turned into a problem.

Carefully weigh all of the factors when deciding if the ghillie suit suits your needs.

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